Last runs for 2015

With November and the snow and colder temperatures here, it looks like the final two runs of 2015 will be our annual red dress run for charity in November (#213) and the always raucous 12 Bars of Christmas in December (#214).  Stay tuned to the Hareline or our facebook group for details on both.

R*n #204 – Swampy’s Revenge

Considering that there is snow at ridiculously low levels on Grey Mountain, I’d say Swampy already has her revenge.


Winter Rain by Geoffrey Coelho on Flickr

August 31, 2015, 19:30
Hares: Swampy Bush de-flours Madame Tits-a-lot
Location: 38 Klondike (Riverdale)
What to bring: $5 hash cash, new shoes, virgins, back sliders, thirst for drink

pizzaThere might be some of this too.

R*n #201 – Glutarded!

August 10, 2015, 19:30, R*n #201

Hares: Mr. Hentai and Special Pants
Location: Mt Mac Barking Lot
What to bring: $5 hash cash, new shoes, virgins, back sliders, thirst for drink, and a hatred of Wheat (so be prepared to kill a few beers).

you-hate-me-bread Gluten-Bad-For-Health-300x274

Hash Retreat 2015

three days of debauchery

Friday Pre-lube: Chode-de-Taint. Start: 7pm Alaska time at Skagway Brew Co.

Saturday: Skagway ball-buster hash: Hares Softwood & UFO. Start at 1pm Alaska time at Skagway Brew Co.
Sunday: Hang-over hash: Hare SkidMark. Start at 11am Alaska time at Dyea campground parking lot

Hash Cash: $15 for one run or $15 for all three.

Come r*n and drink your winter blues away with early spring in Alaska! Enjoy cheap(er) and good beer!

R*n #174 Have no fear liquortreat is here

Where: pack off from Hi-Cunt
When: October 31 8:00 PM
Hares: SKid MArx and Wet Beaver
What to bring: 5 bucks hash cash and a bit extra to throw in for excssive drinking. costume (preferences being sex, drugs, and rock and roll) virgins, back sliders, new shoes, a thirst for drink and adventure. and a whole lotta fun!