R*n # 162 ANARCHY HASH and cheezeburgerz

all you bimbos and wankers better cum since you skipped mondays
Where: horse training grounds in porter creek by whistlebend
When: July 31st
Hares: Cheezebanger and Sweet Spot and Pole Dancer
Bring: $5 hash cash, drinkin’ clothes, virgins & new shoes.
Sweet Spot ( AKA Sweetie Pie) , Pole Dancer, Cheese Burger would like to set the run for this Thursday. Meet at the Horse grounds in Porter Creek on the way to Whistle Bend. The run needs to leave at 6:42 sharp. We will refine instructions tomorrow night but……….. because the run is early, we will supply a cheese burger or something. Get it?……. a Cheese Burger…… HAHAHAHAHA!! We promise it will be stupid and boring……..