Chalk Talk

WH4 Chalk-Talk
aka know your hash marks

WARNING TO NEWBIE HARES:  Do not (repeat, DO NOT) use whole wheat flour when trying to mark your run – it does not flow out of the waterbottles. WH4 has made this mistake twice – let’s not be dumb enough to get a hat trick.

 hashmark “Hash Mark” – hardy harr
 blog This is a mark made with a blob of flour. Find three in a row and you definitely are “on trail”.  See these and yell “on-on”.
 harearrow This is a “hare arrow”. You are definitely “on trail”.
 curve This is a “hare arrow” indicating a turn. Usually used at intersections and only by really nice hares. You are definitely “on trail”
ck  This is a “check” drawn with chalk or flour. The trail has stopped and you have to run around like an idiot trying to find more marks. Three blobs of flour indicates the trail… not one, not two, but THREE marks have to be found! If you only find one or two then go back to the check and try again.
 check This is a “check” indicating the direction in which the trail was discovered. It gets kicked through. Note to FRBs: Go back and mark the checks!
 x The trail has ended as a “false trail”. The X indicates a false trail regardless of marks or arrows. Go back to the LAST CHECK and look harder for another trail.
 two The two lines across the path indicates a false trail and a turn was missed somewhere between this mark and the check. Go back and look for the true trail somewhere between this mark and the check.
 nb “Near Beer”
 bc “Beer Check” – Indicates that there’s beer here! Front Running Bastards (FRBs) must wait until the Dead Fu*king Last (DFL) hound arrives before proceeding on trail. The beer check’s purpose if twofold, to provide refreshment and to regroup the pack. When this mark has an M in front, all the beer at the check must be consumed before continuing one. If this is used in conjunction with “ON-IN” it indicates that the end of the trail is very near.
 boobc This is a check wherein only women may look for trail. The pack cannot proceed until a woman finds true trail.
 dick This is a check wherein only men may look for trail. The pack cannot proceed until a man finds true trail.
 te Turkey-Eagle Trail Split Mark”. At this point the trail splits into a segment which is easy (turkey) and a segment which is difficult (eagle). The two segments will eventually rejoin somewhere before the trail ends or at the end itself. No, it doesn’t mean easy and tough.
 hashhalt Hash Halt. Wait for the pack to regroup. Useful after longass hauls on pavement or other trail conditions that split the pack.