WH4 History

The Yukon primary kennel is WhiteHorse Hash House Harriers, WH4, (yes, with a capitalized H in Whitehorse ’cause we wanted 4 “H”s).

Founded by Forest “Softwood” Pearson and Olwyn “Red Wine Jugs” Bruce in spring, 2008, when, at a spring drinking session around the fire, Red Wine Jugs asked Softwood if he knew anything about hashing. Did he ever! He’d just spent a year in Brunei hashing three days a week because it was the only way to get beer in a dry muslim country. Softwood’s mother hash being Brunei Hash House Harriers (a venerable hash dating back to 1963), he brought many of the older Malay type hash traditions to the Yukon. However, this was quickly tainted after enjoying the debauchery of Pacific Northwest hashes of Victoria, BC and Portland, OR.

Softwood agreed to co-found a hash in the Yukon with Red Wine Jugs, on the condition that she “share the load on keeping this thing going”. This agreement lasted for less than a year, after which Red Wine Jugs proceeded to repeatedly get pregnant, and for some reason was less inclined to drink. Red Wine Jugs continues to show her ugly face at the occasional hash, while leaving hapless Softwood to carry on as Joint Master.

The first run was April 24, 2008 and started from Softwood’s house in downtown Whitehorse. Snow was still in the woods and trails full of shiggy, but the lure of beer brought them out. This first run was numbered Run Zero because the founders didn’t know if this hashing thing would catch in the Yukon, and didn’t want to get their hopes up. Run numbers have proceeded accordingly since then. 15 showed up for this inaugural run, and 3 of them continue to be regular wankers: Softwood, Skid Mark and Miracle Whip.

WH4 celebrated it’s 100th hash in November 2012 and runs weekly through the snow free seasons. When the snow and darkness set in, runs become more sporadic because standing around at -30 degrees, drinking beer outside seems to lose it appeal.