R*n 153 7th ANnuAL Land’s Day run

Where: 16 Hart Crescent
When: June 2nd 7pm
Hares: Skid Marx and Chode de Taint ( can you catch’em? do you want their pants)

What to bring:  VESSELS! Virgins, backsliders, new shoes, thirst for adventure and drink, 5 bucks hash cash and lots of bucks for beers after. will have a keg on site.


R*n #150 Whistlebend Whirlwind

We searched High and low for the new wastelands and it turns out YG was hiding it under our noses the whole time.  Front Running bastards and shortcutters highly encouraged!

Hares: Miracle Whip and Skid Marx
Where: Whistlebend Inspection station.  Just as you enter whistlebend after the second round about
When:Thursday May 15th
What to bring:  Virgins, backsliders, new shoes, thirst for adventure and drink, 5 bucks hash cash

dust goggles

R*n #144 Special Pants First Day

R*n # 144 Special Pants first day

Hares: Special Pants and Rim Joy

When 7:00pm Monday March 31st, 2014

Where:First pull out on schwatka lake on the chadburn lake road

What to Bring: virgins, new shoes, thirst for drink and adventure, yak traks, and warm clothes for after

govt meme

R*n # 143 Beware the Ides of March

Hares: Onion Skins and Skid Marx
Where: Northmen Gaming Clubhouse (16 hart cres)
When: 4:00 pm Saturday March 15th, 2014
What to bring: 10 bucks, virgins, new shoes, togas, thirst for drink, hunger for eats (there will be a roman feast after the run)



December 20th, 12 bars of chrismas Hares: Dirrty Cup, Hamiletoe, and Cumm Again

Where 98 hotel

When 7pm

What to bring: Santa Bear (white plastic bag), virgins, new shoes, thirst for adventure and drink, cash to donate to autism yukon, and some money to pitch in for beers, a safe way home this one tends to get messy.